6 thoughts on “001 Let’s Check That Clock”

  1. I think the format of your show will be interesting, and entertaining. Topics the other host is not aware of ahead of time, and limiting your talk to 30 minutes or less. Dave did a great job designing the logo and I like the color scheme of the website as well. I’m glad your show will be on “Every Friday”, because I am already anxious to hear the next episode.

  2. I have just listened to the first podcast and am also looking foward to the continuing episodes of it. I think both Dan and Olivia d’Abo present as warm and friendly hosts. They do have a nice vibe together and with their knowledge and expertise in different fields their takes on the topic of the day should prove entertaining. I also really like one host picking a closing song for each podcast. They both have experience in the music field so the song choices will be interesting.
    My one question. How did a plain looking and virtually unknown desert podcaster and musician ever connect with a beautiful star of film, tv, and music like Olivia d’Abo? ……. Lol
    Can’t wait for the rest of the shows guys. Cudos.

  3. Sorry for being so late to the show..just starting from the beginning.Hi Dan,, Olivia, hi me again. Realy.a Viking Queen, not surprised..Tobacco and Cocaine, interesting crop..lol ♡♥♡♥

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